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Tiny Tots

This group is for children from birth to walking. Although the very young kiddos might not get much from the group now, it is nice for the new Mom to get out of the house and meet with other parents who understand the challenges of multiples! Also, it is nice for the little ones to have early interactions and friends their own age with whom they can grow and learn. 

Mobile Munchkins

After the little ones learn to walk, the 'real fun' begins as they move up to the next group! This group is for children ages 12-36 months and their siblings. These playgroups are held at a park, home, mall play area or anywhere the group desires. This is a great age to get your children around other kids to socialize, practice manners, make friends and experience new things.

Worker Bees

Due to today's busy schedules, some parents cannot attend weekday groups. That's why we have the Worker Bees group! This playgroup meets on Saturdays and/or Sundays to accomodate all schedules. 


This is a group open to all ages. We want the older, school-age children to be able to mingle as well. 

To request information about any playgroup, please email midcitymoms@gmail.com and place the name of the group you are interested in attending in the subject line.  

**Do be aware we reserve playgroups to members or prospectives that have been visiting with us. For safety, locations will not be given to random requests. All details are posted on our Big Tent social network. 

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