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President's Report    

Happy New Year 2015! I hope all of you have managed to stay well and enjoy your Holidays!  Last year seemed to fly right by with Christmas seeming the fastest ever! I miss all the twinkling lights and family get togethers/parties! But it’s always good to have a new start, and every New Year gives a clean slate and a fresh start to set goals and/or accomplish something new. Most think health goals when they think of the New Year, and there’s nothing wrong with getting healthy. 
McMOMS is starting the New Year with our first General Meeting of 2015 on January 22nd with guest speaker Lorraine who will talk about getting organized. Who with multiples doesn’t need a little help with organization?!  I’ve heard her speak at Compass Christian Women’s Event previously and she was great!


Some upcoming events for the year…
  1. Convention is in Amarillo Apr. 16-19, 2015. The theme is Rock N Roll, and the hotel is Holiday Express Inn & Suites 806-418-2505 (TMOM rate is $94/night). Convention is open for all members, and is always a great time to spend with not only our club members but those around the state. There are more Convention details on the TMOM FB page.
  2. Spring Party is typically close to Easter (Apr. 5th). Our Party VP’s Kristy Hixon & Melissa Baggett will have more details as the time approaches. 
  3. Spring Garage Sale--Fundraising VP Catherine Wiles is working with the Bedford YMCA on dates for the Spring Garage Sale. So be thinking about tagging and selling soon!

 Thank you for being a part of McMOMS.  I’m looking forward to serving this year with you!

Sparkly regards ~ Sonya 



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