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President's Report    

Happy March & welcome Spring weather! So much is happening with Spring Break, March Madness, and Easter coming up. Here are a few things to note and to think about...

Spring Garage Sale was this past weekend (Mar. 13-14). Thank you to Catherine Wiles for coordinating another great McMOMS Garage Sale!  I found some great deals for my twins & hope you were able to take advantage of this event while helping our club raise funds too! In the Fall, we will be coordinating and combining our sale with LCMOMS at the Keller Lions Club. McMOMS in turn will host the following Spring Garage Sale for both clubs.

TMOM Convention is fast approaching April 16-19 in Amarillo. REGISTER for Convention at http://www.amarillomom.org/2015-convention/This is a great opportunity to relax and meet “others like us.” Contact Amy Cox, our State and National Rep, if you have questions or would like more information.

March of Dimes Walk is April 18th. Please go join our March for Babies Team and help us raise money for this great cause. YOU DO NOT HAVE TO WALK TO HELP RAISE MONEY!!! You can find the link and information by going to our Facebook page and looking at the posting from Tabatha Spiller, our fearless team captain! Our team is a family friendly group so bring the kids, significant other, extended family, and neighbors to join us as we walk.

Our “Easter” Spring Party is coming up the afternoon of April 11th at Parr Park in Grapevine. Bring a picnic lunch for your family at noon and then we’ll start the Egg Hunt festivities at 1. Everybody should bring a dozen filled eggs per child.  Items should be individually packaged, i.e. no Cheerios, jelly beans, or other edible things not sealed in a package.

When you see a fellow mom/dad of multiples, seize the opportunity and talk to those people! Our club cannot grow and thrive without new members. We do not have a membership limit so keep them coming. There are so many people that have no concept that a club such as ours is even out there for support and friendship. Remember sitting at home not remembering if you had showered that day? Remember feeling like you were losing your mind without other adult contact? Let's make sure we reach out to help others and in return we will help our club. Thank you for being a part of our family!

Sparkly regards ~ Sonya 



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