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President's Report    

Happy Summer! I hope that everyone is off to a great fun-tastic summer. I know the Davenport’s have been in the water non-stop…I didn’t know I was raising three fish! Please remember that we will have elections at this month’s general meeting that will include a recipe contest. Also coming up this summer are play dates, McMom’s Swimming Party, Installation Dinner, General Meetings, and just hanging with the other Moms. Please let us know if you see anything in the area that would be of interest to our other families (library events, free concerts, etc)…let’s share the fun! As some of you travel this summer, have fun and come back to us safe and sound.
I also still have “Keep Calm It’s Only Twins, Triplets or Quads” shirts available for sale for $20 (includes shipping – unless you are shipping across the world…then we will need to talk!). These are the shirts that McMom’s sold at convention this year and they have been very popular. I have been busy selling and shipping out of state and in state to other moms of multiples; my husband would like the dining room back. Please contact me at Alicia_mcmoms@sbcglobal.netto order or if you have questions. I promise you won’t hit a store without getting stopped at least once! Please share and give out information on how to purchase! This is a fundraiser for our group!

Remember that we are here to lift each other up and make life a little more cheerful for those in the same boat as we are

Be Blessed and Be a Blessing!

~ Alicia, 2012-2013 McMoms President



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