Who is Eligible?

Any woman who is a mother of multiples--including an expectant mother--is welcome into McMoms!  We encourage you to join us for a meeting if you are interested so that you may see how the club functions and meet some of our current members. 

Membership Fees?

Annual membership dues are $30 which includes receiving the chapter's newsletter electronically via email.  Members who have been active with McMoms for 10 years or more will only be required to pay $11 for their portion of the National and TMOM dues.

Anyone wishing to join or renew their membership, may pay at the monthly meeting or through Big Tent.  If it is necessary to mail a payment, then please contact the treasurer about the procedures. 

All checks should be payable to McMoms


Ready to sign up?  

Please click here: Membership Form and fill out the form.  We truly aren't being nosy, we just want to know what your needs are and if other members match up for any mentoring.  Please send the completed form as a .doc to one of the members listed on the Home Page.  We all look forward to having you join us.  Membership can be as involved or as laid back as you choose.  

For questions, contact Kiera Malowitz (


We are affiliated with the Multiples of America, Inc. (MoA) and the Texas Mothers of Multiples (TMOM).  Paid dues include a one year subscription to the newsletter and membership of these groups. 

Plus, your included membership with TMOM will give you the opportunity to apply for the Bette Ade Scholarship and to attend the annual TMOM convention!

Images used on the website or in the newsletter were donated by members or taken by editor. Any images furnished by editor were taken at club functions with the understanding they can be used for public relations or as the club needs. Our publication policy supports security and personal privacy.  We will not release personal information at any time without prior authorization. Thank you. 
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